Our Business Is Baby Gifting

Our Passion Is Making Your Gift Stand Out


Our diaper cakes make a great centerpiece and gift for baby showers or one-month old celebrations and you can fully customize the”extras” you want to include with the diaper cake.


The Concept

Diaper cake is a gift hamper made up of disposable diapers that have been carefully arranged to take the form of a ‘cake’.  A quick scan in the diaper
cake gifting market and you will see how our designs stand out and how our bundled products are different.

As much as we can, we will hide the bundled products within the cake, so there will be another surprise when the gift recipients unpack the cake. We also allow full flexibility for you to customize your gift.

You choose what items you want to include in the diaper cake.  This way, you get to adjust the budget of the gift, and to select products that are truly useful and relevant to the new parents and baby. However, if you are looking are pre-determined diaper cake bundles, so you do not have to rack your brains to pick and choose, visit The Diaper Cake Company.


The Products

As parents of three kids, we know what are some of the more useful and practical products that new parents (or 2nd/3rd/4th time parents) would appreciate as gifts.

Instead of soft toys, baby walkers, bibs, or other fashion accessories, we have put together a list of practical and essential items that you can pick and choose.

A few of our favourites are the JJ Cole Diaper Change Clutch, organic paw paw balm and playful door knockers. These products are usually overlooked by new parents but are things that many would appreciate having around.


The Diaper Cake

We use Merries S-size diapers to create our baby diaper cakes and each cake is paired with a personalized handmade card. Leave us your personal message to the new parents and we will printed it on the card.

We also have different designs that will be suitable for baby boy or baby girl for you choose from. We also have gender neutral designs. We only make the diaper cake when an order is received. Therefore, you can rest assured that the diaper cake you ordered is made to order and has not been on display.

Each cake starts from S$100 and you can ‘mix and match’ different products to suit your requirements. The products range from $10 to $55.

What’s included:

  • A 3-tier diaper cake (54 S-size Merries diapers).
  • Your customized bundled products.
  • A personalized handmade card with your personal message.
  • Delivery during weekday evening (after 7pm) or weekend (9am – 5pm). Additional $10 for weekday delivery between 9am to 5pm.


How to order

1. Choose Design

Choose the design of your diaper cake. We have 9 unique and original designs to choose from!

2. Select Products

Select the products you want to include with your diaper cake. No limit to this one!

3. Leave Message

Leave your personal heart-warming message for the gift recipient. We will print it on the card!

4. Confirm Order

Confirm your order and make payments. We will contact you after payment is received!