Cherub Rubs Scatterscreen

A skincare product that combines sunscreen, bug repellent and works as a moisturiser. 

Protect your little ones with this 3-in-1 outdoor skin protection whilst they explore the great outdoors. This Scatterscreen will keep your skin moisturised whilst protecting against UVA & UVB rays and annoying bugs.

Note: Whilst a higher SPF would offer more protection against harmful UV rays, it also would mean that there are higher levels of harmful chemical filters. Infants only require a few minutes of the morning sun to sufficient Vitamin D, hence SPF 8 is sufficient for their delicate skin.

Apply a sufficient amount to cover exposed skin before going outdoors.
Reapply every hour or liberally.
Patch test suggested.

Suitable for
Everyone from newborns to adults and pregnant women. All skin types, including sensitive skin. Whole body, from face to feet.