What make our diaper cakes stand out from the rest?

  1. The overall look of the gift. The diaper cake is made to be like a cake. With clear distinctions of the different tiers and comes with a cake topper that suits the theme. The distinctive white diapers create the contrast and draws people to take a second or third look to fully appreciate the intricacies.
  2. woodlands diaper cake alexHidden surprise within the gift. You would notice that for most diaper cakes, what you see is what you get, literally. All bundled items are stacked on the cake, soft toys or pre-walkers are used as cake toppers, blankets and rompers are used to wrap the diapers. When you look at the cakes from So Good Diaper Cakes, you will realize that the presentation is kept clean. Only the personalized card and some bundled items are left on the cake board, deliberately, for presentation. That is because we hide the other products inside the cake, and this will give the gift recipient another round of surprise when they unpack the gift!
  3. The products that come with the gift. Apart from disposable diapers, the usual diaper cakes come with quite a standard set of items: pre-walkers, booties, socks, mittens, rompers (or body suit), receiving blankets, bib, soft toy, and wash cloth, etc. After a while, everything looks the same. At So Good Diaper Cakes, we have a range of organic baby bath and skin care products. All of our bath and skin care range will not harm the delicate skin of the new born. They only serve to pamper! In addition, we have items like JJ Cole diaper changing clutch and ring rattle toys made from natural cotton for our customers to choose from. We also have rompers and swaddles as options, and these will complement the other products perfectly.

aniq haqqYou may ask, why we are deliberately not including bibs, blankets, socks, booties, soft toys, etc? Well, parents these days are sophisticated and well-prepared. In our years of experience working with parents, and being parents ourselves, we know that new parents would have prepared all these items way in advance, probably once they know the gender of the baby. Given the number and frequency of baby fairs in Singapore, new parents are already very adequately prepared in the baby’s clothing department. So why not gift something that new parents do not usually think about or prepare for. Give them something to pamper themselves and the baby with. Think about a time when you receive a gift, which was a better experience? Receiving a gift that you already have or receiving a gift that you wanted but just did not get it yourself because you felt you didn’t need the pampering.

At So Good Diaper Cakes, our concept is to allow customers to mix and match to suit different budgets. However, if you would prefer pre-packaged bundles (and leave the thinking to us), you could visit The Diaper Cake Company for the widest selection of bundled diaper cakes in Singapore.