Red Charlotte Handmade Drool Pads

 drool padsRed Charlotte drool pads are made with designer fabric and are prewashed with eco-friendly detergent so that they are ready for use when they reaches you. 
The drool pads are hand-made with high quality sewing so every piece is a quality product. The end result is a drool pad that is well-constructed and safe for your child.

The drool pads are reversible and secured using velcro. Made of cotton, they are soft and natural, and suitable for your child to chew on.

Loops are also sewn in (a feature not on most drool pads) for you to attach teething toys or pacifier. The convenience of having the loops helps in preventing toys or teethers from going missing. The drool pads can also double as strap covers for the child car seat and stroller.

Drool Pad Bicycle Drool Pads Hearnshead Drool Pad Monkey

Design and colour of drool pads will vary, depending on available stock.